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The objective of the Tutoring House is to provide a comprehensive before and after school tutoring program for children. Our goal is as follows: To help children develop their fullest potential by focusing on a safe and healthy environment where children can learn and have fun. Our services are based on the following principles: self-awareness, confidence, self-expression, promoting creativity, self-expressions, promoting independence, decision making, interpersonal relationships, assisting in understanding and completing class assignments and homework.

The Tutoring House staff thanks you for entrusting us to take care of your child for the school year. Please do not hesitate to contact our office if you need additional information at 910-483-6263.


The Organizational, Fiscal and day-to-day Operations of the tutoring house are facilitated by Shirley Grissett, Proprietor.  Mrs. Grissett has served 29 years in the Cumberland County School System as an educator.  She is now retired and still wants to serve in education in another venture, The Tutoring House.

The Tutoring House also partners with Fayetteville State University and Methodist College in an effort to offer community service for undergraduate students.  Each university now requires that all students accrue a total of 30 community service hours during their tenure as a student at the University.  These students serve as Tutors under the supervision of Mrs. Grissett.


University and High School students that are interested in applying for community service hours through the Tutoring House, LLC should complete an application or contact Shirley Grissett at 910-483-6263 or electronically at Applications can be downloaded by clicking here.

Office Hours M-F


7 am-10 am

3 pm-6 pm

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